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Our number #1 tip for getting the best headshot

Here at Melbourne Headshots we have a huge bag of tricks for creating the best possible headshots for you. Experience is probably the most critical aspect and with over 15 years of shooting for some of the world’s largest corporates we do know a thing or two about the corporate headshot!

Though our number 1 tip is to “ Keep it simple” this relates to what your wearing and your approach on the day of the shoot. As the more relaxed you are the better the end product, we really work hard on this and always provide a fun relaxed environment when you come into our studio.

So how do you get more “relaxed” at a photoshoot? Maybe its worth practising some poses in front of a mirror, also try and work out if you have a best side? Sounds cheesy right? But you know what it works!

Most importantly we can coach you on the shoot day and normally pretty quickly figure out which is the best side and pose for you. We have shot 1000’s of headshots so we know exactly how to get the best image for you!

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